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Go For the Goal

Seems like no matter what you’re doing, setting a goal is paramount to reaching it.

Female swimmerI found this to be true when I decided to enroll in a swim class last summer. Having a competitive drive, I was challenged by other swimmers and felt like I could benefit from professional instruction. The initial session with my swim coach set the agenda for both of us by one simple question—What did I want to accomplish in these lessons?

Honestly, I hadn’t given it much thought.  I wanted to improve, but to what level?  My initial concept was far too vague.  After considering her question, I realized this information was a vital component for both of us.

After all, she couldn’t read my mind.  Her expertise as an instructor prompted the need to establish a defined ambition. Fulfilling that goal necessitated a team mentality between myself and the coach.

Once I answered her initial question, she could then establish a blue print for ongoing instructions. I set my goal to learn different swim patterns, increase stamina, and have my water workouts reach higher cardio intensity. By vocalizing my aspirations, the coach and I established a working partnership with a clearly stated destination. The collaboration resulted in a scheduled program affixing weekly goals. The achievements of one week’s lesson was the foundation of the next. I finished those swimming lessons far surpassing my expectations.  I saw myself propelling through the water instead of fighting it. Having a fixed goal upfront challenged me to achieve it.

Goal setting covers both personal application and commercially driven endeavors. Home designers, for instance, view rooms with functional insight.  They do not assume that a room has only one job.  To maximize a room’s potential, professional designers envision goals for every room.  This enables a solid basis with which to layout and furnish the space effectively.

A room’s purpose is identified according to the individual needs of the homeowner.  A dialogue between client and designer begins the process of discovering their intentions and affixing boundaries based on overall cost, completion time involved, attainable permits, etc.  Without understanding the client’s goal, a designer will not be able to proceed responsibly.

But what about long term goals?

Completing a set of lessons or even building or renovating a structure has a terminus.  It may seem like goals are OK if the time involved is relatively short.  There are; however, lifetime issues which benefit from designating a goal. How about maintaining a healthy weight or keeping mentally challenged?  These are just two things which are constants.  We make daily decisions about so many things which become patterns.  Isn’t it possible that if we view our daily habits with a more comprehensive mindset that our overall lifestyle will have balance and quality.  Instead of living like a Yo-Yo, we will enjoy our lives instead of feeling defeated.

There is a lot to be said about good habits.  Setting goals is one of them.  It forces one to think about priorities and how to achieve those dreams.  So, do it today, don’t procrastinate. Go for the goal and be a winner.

~ Gale Davis

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